Here's a glimpse of what you'll see on Pula kayak tours! Snorkeling, cliff-jumping, visiting pebble beaches, and swimming with the sea life. 

The Istrian coast is well known for its beautiful beaches and blue water, and whatever part of it you happen to visit, you won't be disappointed. However, some places are hidden and less known to non-locals, and we're taking you to explore them all! The south of Istria is home to many sea caves and stunning nature, including the amazing natural reserve of Cape Kamenjak and the popular Seagul Rocks cave in Pula. The dozen of charming uninhabited islands are also a must spot to discover! 

With so many places but limited vacation days, it's easy to get overwhelmed - that's why the Pula Kayak Tour team created guided tours to top locations! 

Be a part of an amazing summer experience, choose what you'd like to explore - sea caves, islands, or the protected rocky coastline. Whatever you pick we're sure it will be a day well spent! Together with our local guides, you'll see the very best of south Istria and create lots of memories while being completely carefree and safe. 

The kayak tours are suitable for any age group and are especially popular among families and friends.

So, we invite you to join us on our kayaking excursions and paddle your way to Pula's must-see places!